Frequently Asked Questions

MyLocalBee is a powerful technology that connects local businesses and arms them with e-commerce, free same day delivery, local Black Friday, lowers costs, brings in new customers and unleashes the power of connected local businesses.

As a bonus, MyLocalBee gives local businesses the same tools for search, social media and marketing that the giants are using for shopper search, in-store marketing, email, and cyber events.

Action Step: Connect with other local businesses and you will get an immediate jolt of marketing power.

Set up Your Bee Store and work with My Local Bee to create AMAZING deals. Shoppers will LOVE you for it.

Setting up your store takes about 30 minutes. Unlike other programs, your My Local Bee account manager works with you step-by-step to set up your store.

Start by putting your top ten products or services up in your MY Local Bee store. Work with your account manager to tell a little story about each product or service. Then think about which of these products or services you want to promote in the DAILY BUZZ email. To get shoppers attention make your offer to shoppers AMAZING. Make them say Wow! Why? Because you want shoppers to come into your physical store or to call you to come to their home to provide a service.

The Aldi grocery stores are GENIUS in getting shoppers to come into their stores. They do it by offering a hot selling item like avocados at 70% less than any competitor. The marketing people at Aldi know that if get shoppers to come into the store for low cost avocados they are going to spend much more on other items.

Remember! A great deal is an investment in bringing shoppers into your store.

Tell shoppers YOUR STORY. Local shoppers have changed. They want to buy from a real human being - YOU. They have a choice to buy from you or giant retailers.

As soon as your store is set up one of the My Local Bee writers will call you up and interview you over the phone. The writer will turn that interview into YOUR STORY. The writer will send your story back to you for your approval. As soon as you approve YOUR STORY, we will post it online.

My Local Bee writers help you create your story, so your business is more than a product or a service – it is about real people, real value, and real savings.

Communicate – In every relationship the biggest complaint is that the other person doesn’t communicate. My Local Bee gets you communicating with your customers in real-time. Customers love to hear about your unique products, expert services, amazing deals, specials, news and events. My Local Bee connects you to thousands of new shoppers with our daily emails to our massive list.

Every local business makes the same mistake – they don’t offer a great deal, special, or amazing savings on an item until they are in trouble. Wrong! The time to offering an amazing deal is EVERY WEEEK. You want your customers to look forward to your BUZZES.

A great deal is something that CATCHES shoppers’ attention. The wrong way to look at a great deal is to think about what it costs you. The RIGHT WAY to think about a GREAT DEAL is that it is an INVESTMENT to get people into your store.

The people running Pep Boys did it with their $19.95 oil change. Nobody could beat the price. Pep Boys knows that when they have your car in their store they will check to see if you need batteries, windshield wipers, fluids, brakes or a tune-up. They invest in bringing in NEW SHOPPERS and LOYAL CUSTOMERS. Guess what – as their business increased, they slowly raised their oil change price to $29.95 and then to $39.95. That’s what INVESTING IN CUSTOMERS allows you to do.

Four ways to immediately begin communicating with shoppers?

There are four ways My Local Bee gets you communicating directly with shoppers.

  1. Our Massive Email List. The first and most important way is through our daily emails to over 15,000 local shoppers. These shoppers are eager to discover great local deals and specials, interesting local businesses news and to be the first to know about new arrivals. For your business to be included in our Daily Buzz to shoppers you will work with your account manager to create your deals, specials, news, and events. If you’ve got a local job opening, you can post that.
  2. Your Customer List. The second way you’ll begin communicating with shoppers is directly. Each time you use My Local Bee tools to announce great local deals and specials, news, event or job you can send that directly to your customers.
  3. Google Search. The third way you’ll communicate with shoppers is through dramatically improved SEARCH. Each time you create deals, specials, news, events or jobs My Local Bee puts our search secrets to work. It takes time but the more you post the easier it becomes for shoppers to find you.
  4. Social Media. The fourth way you’ll communicate with shoppers is through social media. Each time you create deals, specials, news, events or jobs My Local Bee lets you post that directly to social media.

Learn from Amazon. Over 51.3% of American households are Prime Members. Amazon is the most successful company in America because its #1 focus is building its customer list.

Amazon built its list by giving loyal customers FREE DELIVERY. To build your list requires you GIVE something of REAL VALUE to each customer who walks through the door. A piece of paper with scribbled names on it is not enough. Remember this critical point – if you INVEST in building your customer list you SAVE by eliminated advertising.

Once you build your list you need to use it. Your account manager will help you. People become LOYAL CUSTOMERS because they WANT something SPECIAL from YOU. It is your JOB to give them what they WANT.

If you want to be successful you need to THINK like a CUSTOMER.

The NUMBER ONE way to market is your customer list. You NEED to understand that your list is up to 50 times more effective than any other form of advertising. This means you need to work every day on building your list. Your My Local Bee account manager will show you how.

Building your list starts with YOUR DECISION to do it. When you have a big list, you will stop advertising that doesn’t work.

Customers want a real RELASTIONSHIP with YOU. A real relationship means you communicate to them when you have something of VALUE FOR THEM. They do NOT want to get NONSENSE from you. When you communicate to your customers VALUE then they look forward to hearing from you.

We have found that ONCE a week is optimal ONLY if you communicate something FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS. Businesses that send out NONSENSE seem like stalkers and destroy their local brand in the mind of customers.