The #1 Most Powerful Local Business Advantage

Every local retail business has a powerful advantage over Amazon and the retail giants.

YOU - the local business owner

The PROBLEM is that most local businesses don’t put this powerful advantage to use.

YOU are the person with the expertise, the person who puts in the time, money, worry, and creativity to bring the products, goods, foods, and services to your local community.

A New Way to Think

Amazon and the retail giants have done everything to make shopping easier, cheaper, and faster than shopping local. They offer e-commerce, free delivery, and great prices. But they don’t have a real live business owner – YOU. Shoppers know YOU and your business, you look shoppers in the eye, and tell the truth. No B.S. No slick advertising slogan. Just one real person connecting with another real person.

For the past few years it looked like Amazon and the retail giants were going to win. The statistics from the Department of Labor suggested local businesses were losing.

Retail Sales
But then something unexpected happened.
Shoppers changed!

Shoppers changed when they decided that besides e-commerce and free delivery they wanted to buy from real PEOPLE. This change has triggered the most exciting trend in America today – the Back to Local Movement. The Back to Local Movement is about YOU.

Turns out shoppers changed because they reached the tipping point when they discovered Amazon and the retail giants were data selling, invading their privacy, going after them with robo-calls, using foreign call centers, and shipping products mysteriously shipped from China.

Here’s the short SUMMARY of the BACK TO LOCAL MOVEMENT.

Shoppers want the positive sense of purpose that they get from buying local. Shoppers want in-store and online sales, unique products, great customer care, and free delivery.

Here is where the Powerful Local Business Advantage comes in. YOU don’t have to be slick, perfect or dress in a clown’s outfit but, YOU do have to


You can have the best Italian restaurant in town, great selection in your hardware store, amazing men’s shirts from England – but none of that is more important than YOU. Your most powerful business advantage is your real, authentic story which tells them about your love of the best ingredients, your selection of products, and how you back up what you sell.

Advertising is NOT your powerful advantage

Advertising is expensive and doesn’t work for local businesses. Advertising does NOT work for you because it doesn’t tell YOUR STORY.

Experience vs. Advertising

Yes, shoppers want good deals, but they also want a human experience that you represent. YOU know your products and when talking to someone in your store, restaurant, while fixing their plumbing or selling them new tires. YOU talk to them. Shoppers can look you in the eye, ask you questions, and know you’ll back up what you sell.

NO traditional advertising or marketing works for local businesses

Advertisers paid over five million dollars for Super Bowl Ads – and guess what – NOBODY REMEMBERS ANY OF THEM the next day except the networks who made all the money.

If advertising doesn’t work when you spend five million for a thirty second just imagine how futile it is for local businesses to spend thousands on ads (print and digital), Google words, and promotions.

Learn from Amazon the most successful company in the world - it spends very little on advertising. Instead, they built a loyal audience that knows the AMAZON STORY.

A 100% Guarantee

Here’s my 100% guarantee if you learn that YOU are the most powerful advantage you have then you are going to win.

Here’s how you are going to win:

  1. You are going to keep your current customers. Yes, the ones Amazon and the retail giants are trying to take away.
  2. New shoppers will discover you.
  3. You are going to save all the time and money you are wasting on advertising and promotions.

The First Thing My Local Bee does for your local business

The First Thing My Local Bee does is tell your story. My Local Bee sets up your store. A key part of setting up your store is capturing YOUR STORY. Once we have your story we tell the world about YOU.

Then your My Local Bee account manager will give you a new step each week that shows you have to take YOUR STORY to the next level.

Bingo! Suddenly shopping becomes a REAL EXPERIENCE once again that has PURPOSE.

Remember! Shoppers have changed. They want amazing deals, e-commerce and real PEOPLE. People want amazing deals and purpose when they buy. Purpose means they want to connect with other people in a beneficial way. They want to do good.

In our next post we are going to show you how to Buzz Your Customers using our massive email list of local shoppers.

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