Customer Stalking!

Stalking is what perverts and crazy people do. Stalking is when someone is fixated on someone else and follows that person around. It is creepy.

Amazon and the retail giants are stalking your customers.

Just like perverts, these tech giants sneak around and learn everything they can about your customers by using sophisticated technology to track your customers' online, text, and email behavior. They stalk them through their phones and through their Alexa and Siri devices. They track your customers based on what they buy, who they communicate with and what they post. They then cross-reference their stalking data with data from other media giants to discover what your customers are interested in.

It is creepy

Google just admitted they track people even when their phones are TURNED OFF.
Why do these tech giants stalk? Like all stalkers, Amazon, Google, and the retail giants want to take something from someone without them knowing it. What the tech giant stalkers want is to PRESENT targeted adds to them without them asking permission.
Hell, you have already personally seen the tech giant stalking in action. You do an online search for a product and suddenly you start getting emails, text messages, and seeing digital ads for that exact same product. I recently searched for articles on the benefits of giving up drinking for the month of January. Bam! Within minutes I was barraged with ads and emails about alcohol rehab. Funny at best. Creepy in reality.
There is only one way to stop Amazon and the Tech Giants from keeping their stalking from taking away your customers! They are going to take away your customers if you don’t fight back. Fighting back because if they take away one customer a month from you, or four or five sales per month, your business will slowly wither.

To fight back you need to make three simple changes
  1. Build Your Customer List.

    The first thing you need to do is build up your customer list so you can communicate with your customers. Effective communication is the first line of defense against STALKING. You can’t communicate if you don’t have your customers name, address, email and cell phone number. Why all of that information? You need all that information because your communication to your customer needs to delivery across all those channels. My Local Bee account manager will show you how to build up your customer list

  2. Create Four Amazing Deals Per Week.

    The second thing to do is set up four AMAZING deals per week. You know the saying, “Go big or go home.” We’ll show you how to “Go Big.” Once you create a deal then you send that deal out directly from your My Local Bee store and use your email or text communicate option.


    Create an IN-STORE SIGN for each of the AMAZING deals you create each week. Print the sign and tape them just below the appropriate product. Customers who may not have read your email will see the same amazing deal in your store.

Do these three things to go from being stalked to kicking butt.

Summary: Customer stalking is a HUGE problem every local business has. But, unlike most problems – the customer stalking problem shows you exactly how to go from a problem to a win.

You can stop Amazon. Yes, YOU. You have the courage and hopefully, you are willing to do whatever is necessary for you to stop the tech giants from stalking your customers.

Your three simple changes are a roadmap to success. Follow this roadmap and you can stop Amazon and the retail giants from stalking your customers and beat them at their own game.

Here are some personal changes you need to consider:

  • Be consistent.
  • Understand that your success is about YOU.

You have the passion of an entrepreneur and now you’ve just been given the tools to put that passion to work for you. Each step of the way your My Local Bee account manager will be there with you. Whatever you need from us – we’re ready to give. If you can’t guess – we like local businesses and think it is vital to our local communities in America.

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