Safe Shopping at Northshore Sea Bright


For those who want to be extra safe while shopping for the Holidays, we are offering what we call "ONE ON ONE". We excercise social distancing normally, but for those who feel vulnerable, we're at your service. We'll work with you on off hours before and after regular store hours by appointment, one hour before opening and one hour after closing, Monday thru Saturday, 9am-10am and 6pm-7pm; Sundays, 11am- noon and 5pm-6pm. Call the store at 732-842-9909 to set up an appointment. We will deliver if need be.

In addition, we will be offering and "online" service thru should you want to work from home. We're always available at 732-842-9909 and our web site at

NORTHSHORE, always at your service. The Threads of the Jersey Shore since 1982.

Kindest regards,

Brian L. George


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