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The #1 Most Powerful Local Business Advantage

Every local retail business has a powerful advantage over Amazon and the retail giants.

YOU - the local business owner.

YOU are the person with the expertise, the person who puts in the time, money, worry, and creativity to bring the products, goods, foods, and services to your local community.


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Customer Experience - 04.01.2019

12 Seconds to Success

When shoppers walk into Disneyland, a Las Vegas casino, a CVS or any retail giant’s store what they don’t know is that their entire customer experience has been carefully scripted by neuroscientists, marketers, psychologists, and geographers to optimize how much a shopper spends.

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competition - 04.01.2019

How Trader Joe’s kicks Amazon and Whole Foods butts

There is NO local business product or service that Amazon does not want to take over. Do not think your local business is too small or that you can hide behind your local niche, quality, and service? Rethink your point of view. Or better yet – decide to fight back and win.

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They aren’t idiots. Facebook and Google don’t advertise.

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and many other billion-dollar big tech companies don’t spend on advertising because they know that advertising doesn't work, is corrupt with fraud, and cuts into their profits. They are billion-dollar companies because they sell advertising.



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Customers - 04.01.2019

Customer Stalking!

Stalking is what perverts and crazy people do. Stalking is when someone is fixated on someone else and follows that person around. It is creepy. Amazon and the retail giants are stalking your customers.

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Competition - 04.01.2019

Amazon has rigged the game against everyone

Unlike most countries, Amazon is growing at astonishing rates. It is It is the most successful company in the world and Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. Amazon’s Strategy is to control ALL sales

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Amazon is building the world’s largest bird feeder.

So, here’s the lowdown on this post. If you read it and take the steps it lays out, then you are going to make your local business successful. I know because what I’ve done is lay out Amazon’s success strategy for local businesses. Think of this blog post as a spiritual channeling of Jeff Bezos.



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