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Pipestone, MN, 56164

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Pipestone Publishing Co., Inc. Koopons, Specials, Drawings, Events, News and Jobs.

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Pipestone Publishing Co has served the community of Pipestone since 1976. We pride ourselves as the trusted news and advertising source for readers and businesses alike. We are locally owned and take pride in living within and being active in the community we serve. For readers – our objective is to cover the news and happenings of Pipestone County in a consistent, honest, and timely fashion. News is predominately delivered through the pages of the Pipestone County Star, a weekly subscription newspaper that has been serving the community for over 135 years. Online news and information can be found at www.pipestonestar.com and via social media updates. We also publish a variety of specialty publications that can be found in print and online. For businesses – our objective is to deliver advertising results that help them grow. We achieve this through high readership of our publications, creative & effective design, and consistent d
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