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My Story
We are a nanobrewery with a vision to provide a community focused, education based customer experience. Our unique approach on recipe formulation and focus on assorted fermentation processes provide u s with the opportunity to create various types styles, products and services. Our goals are to foster consistency through our flagship beers while providing new customer experiences by changing our available products regularly. Each time you walk through the door, you have a choice of enjoying a favorite BBP brew or to try a new beer further expanding your beer experience and knowledge. Our open and free-flowing tasting room allows you to interact with members of the local community, to chat about beer with BBP employees and enjoy your time spent in Bradley Beach. Fully owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Chelsey and Mike, Bradley Brew Project fits the pure definition of small business, community supporter and local employer.
Monday: Closed
Wed & Thur: 4 - 9pm
Friday: 4 - 10pm
Saturday: 1 - 9pm
Sunday: 12 - 7pm